What has Prophysicus done for others?

Dr. Shayn Peirce, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

Dr. Peirce came to us looking for a dynamic, visually compelling website that she could use as the cornerstone of her data-sharing plan as required by her National Institutes of Health grant. The website also had to give her an opportunity to showcase the work of her lab, and serve as a source of information for students interested in coming to the University of Virginia to study with her. Prophysicus delivered a product that one of her colleagues called "hands-down, the best website at U.Va.!" Highlights of the site include an automated tracking and delivery system for her lab's computerized models and video data, animated multi-level site navigation, and an engaging photo gallery. She's been happy with the results, saying:

"Working with Prophysicus Research Systems was as easy as it was rewarding. The team really helped me to crystallize and convey my vision it in a way that made implementation efficient and effective. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome and the process of working with PRS was a pleasure."

[Visit the Peirce Lab website now]